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Do your business a favor and get a web filter!

New threats are emerging everywhere and businesses are more vulnerable than ever. We read about it in the news where an employee was caught gambling at work or streaming inappropriate content. Unfortunately this happens all to often these days but it could be avoided by implementing solutions to prevent employees from accessing these sites in the first place. While you would like to think your employees have the common since to know better, sometimes they do foolish things on your company computers. Below are our top 3 reasons that every business no matter the size, should implement a web filter.

1. SECURITY - Web filtering allows you to protect your businesses data from malicious activities. It lets you setup rules to block content and websites that could cause harm to your organization.

2. PRODUCTIVITY - Statistics show that 64% of employees are visiting websites not related to work. With web filtering, you choose which sites your employees can access. You can even customize it so that certain employees can access certain sites based on their job position. This will increase employee productivity and cut down on the time they spend on non work related browsing.

3. LIABILITY - You can't monitor every employee around the clock and know exactly what they are doing while surfing the web. Unfortunately, companies may be liable for what their employees do at work while on the internet. You would never want to cause unwanted attention to your company or put it at risk. Block any websites that would allow employees to put your company at risks.

Above are just some of the reasons we believe web filtering is necessary in any business. In later posts we will go deeper into the topic and ways to implement this into your business. It can be an inexpensive solution that has plenty of upside for the security of your business. To receive valuable IT related information for your business, subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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