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Should your business offer WiFi?

Over the years, technology has grown at a rapid rate. This means that more people are needing to stay connected whether it be for school, work or personal use. Wi-Fi use to be viewed as a perk but now it has become a necessity in most instances. Below are 4 reasons why your business should have Wi-Fi:

  1. INCREASES CUSTOMER SATISFACTION- Did you know that not providing Wi-Fi to customers can actually hurt your business? Especially in the hospitality industry, this amenity is a key factor on whether a customer visits your hotel or restaurant. For the businesses that are by-appointment or while-you-wait, Wi-Fi can help wait times go by quicker and result in happier customers.

  2. CREATES COMPETITION- As mentioned above, customers are more likely to choose your venue over someone who does not provide Wi-Fi. Because it has become excepted that Wi-Fi is offered wherever customers go, this gives you a great advantage over your competition. Another benefit is putting your brand in front of the consumer at all times. You can set up a branded portal that brings them to your website or offers coupons.

  3. CUSTOMERS SPEND MORE- Surveys show that customers will spend more time at your business and reveals that they spent more because of their length of stay. For retail shops, this can allow customers to browse your products and read your reviews instantly so they can make decisions on what to buy from your store.

  4. INCREASE EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY- Wi-Fi has allowed businesses to offer flexibility in work schedules. Employees can now work from anywhere that offers internet access. Many employers have found this beneficial as it gives employees the freedom to work outside the office but still stay connected with any mobile device.

comTECH provides affordable wireless solutions to fit any businesses budget. Call today to find out how we can help!

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