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comTECH ensures your IT infrastructure is reliable, safe, and secure.


Cyber security must be an integral part of your IT strategy. Unfortunately, keeping up with the relentless introduction of new threats that threaten the security of your network is a daunting task today. comTECH solutions provides network support and cyber security services for business and organizations throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our team of networking specialists work to ensure your network has built-in safeguards against potential threats that will warn employees before they open a potentially malicious website or email. To guarantee enterprise-wide security, you need technology and services designed to stop the threat before it starts.


If you’re concerned that your network isn’t everything you’re being told it is, consider having comTECH do a network assessment. We’ll assess your existing infrastructure, giving you insight into your vulnerabilities and provide you recommendations.


Our professional and certified team will provide a needs analysis for your building/facility


We then design your system from top to bottom, showing you exactly how your system will be implemented


Our experienced team delivers reliablen infrastructure that your business runs on.


Your business is truly only as good as your network. Whether you’re looking to design and install an entirely new network infrastructure to support a growing business, manage your existing networking equipment or you’re hoping to just add an update here and there as needed, it can be hard to know where you can save on costs and where you should invest in the highest-quality products.

Are you preparing for office relocation or opening a new location that doesn’t have high-quality network infrastructure in place? Have your network speeds dropped dramatically? Is your network unable to keep up with the demands your business places upon it during day-to-day operations? If any of these things are true, your network infrastructure wasn't built properly to support it and your business deserves better.

comTECH can provide the inspections, design work, installation, and the upkeep you need to ensure your essential network infrastructure works for you. We can help you scale your network cabling to grow alongside your business needs and ensure you are receiving the high-speed network connections you require.


Why suffer through slow data transfers, connection loss, and communication bottlenecks?

With a new network cabling installation from comTECH, you will be operating at optimum speed and efficiency while future-proofing your IT infrastructure for future operations and technological expansions. We keep up-to-date on the current cabling standards and can find a solution that fits your needs ! If you are looking for a cabling contractor to bring your business up to speed, comTECH is the choice. We are your Tampa Florida-based cabling experts!


Are you tired of slow Wi-Fi? Do you want reliable, fast internet for your office? With our wireless solutions, you’ll ensure a quick and reliable wireless network that can handle your business needs and scale alongside you as your company grows.


Our team will work with you to determine your goals and objectives for your wireless network, the requirements necessary to provide you with the speed and reliability you need and design a plan to ensure everyone in your office has equal access to your wireless connection. 


Whether you’re expanding an existing office or moving your current business into a brand new location, every move contains serious network management risks.

Your new office may not have network cabling in place to keep up with your needs, your desktop or laptop computers and other devices could end up damaged in the shuffle, essential data could go missing — the potential pitfalls of an office relocation are endless.


Tampa, Florida, 33602
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