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IT Support and Consulting for the Construction and Property Development Industries.

Turn IT Into a Power Tool For Sustained Growth and Profitability

If you've been in the construction and property development industry for awhile, you've learned that there are things beyond your control -- the economy, a changing workforce, the weather. Forward-thinking executives are discovering that they can use technology to bring more projects to completion on time and within budget in order to make sustained, profitable growth a reality. 

IT Management Key to Leveraging Technology

Ironically, getting better at working in the physical world means that you have to get better at working in the digital world. IT management is the key to handling the complexity technology brings. Then you can leverage technology to:

Optimize efficiency of project planning and management

Accurately manage and report project performance

Secure your data and protect your competitive advantage

IT Support and Strategic Guidance

At comTECH Solutions, we support the construction and property development industries with IT services and management, giving companies the strategic IT guidance and support they need.

We make technology work so that you can enable your workforce wherever they might be; control your IT costs; and help you make confident decisions on IT investments.

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Your Outsourced IT Department

Some of the ways that we help construction and property development companies include:

  • Fast response and 24/7 support

  • Establish a solid network foundation

  • Setup software and streamline processes

  • Integrate system to eliminate potential for errors

  • Enable geospatial technologies like VR and BIM

  • Create centralized and secure data capture and storage

  • Enable your workforce to work from anywhere

  • IT planning for future investments

  • Manage mobile devices and equipment endpoints

  • Create time-saving workflows

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What's Stealing Your Bottom Line Right Now?

If you're not doing IT right, there could be inaccuracies, errors and inconsistencies that are stealing from your bottom line and dragging you behind your competitors.

Power Up Your Growth and Profits

Make IT the solid foundation on which to build your business by partnering with the team at comTECH Solutions.

"We have a high degree of confidence in the reliability of our systems. There's far less worrying and concern now that we have the comTECH team handling all of our IT needs."

Dani, CFO



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