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We Assist Your Internal IT Team

Want to enhance your existing IT Department?

comTECH Solutions Co-Managed IT Services are designed for organizations that already have internal IT staff and is a scalable addition with integrated IT management tools, people, and processes that significantly increase the productivity, transparency, and efficiency of IT operations.

Let's Divide and Conquer

We always like to start of a Co-Managed IT meeting by saying, "We are not here to take your jobs". We are here to become an extension of your team and help the company and existing IT staff become more productive, less stressed, and assist where needed.

In-House IT departments hold the history to everything that has happened to your companies technology over the years. This information you hold is absolutely PRICESLESS. 

How We'll Work Together For IT Success

Your IT team can excel at their strengths, while we take care of the pieces outside of their skill set or time limitations

We handle routine tasks

such as security updates, backup management, server updates & patching, while your IT team handles end-user support

We work as a team

on complex technical, planning, & design issues

Tickets tracked centrally

giving u transparency, and a seamless way to share tickets and information

Get extra hands when needed

who is already familiar with your network topology and who can quickly resolve issues

Your IT team can rest easy

and take days off or go on vacation knowing that we have their back

Industries We Serve

If you just want your technology to do what it's supposed to do, and sometimes you feel like your IT company doesn't understand how important that is to your business, then you've come to the right place. We've spent many years helping clients in many shapes, sizes, and industries get better results from their technology.

"Working with comTECH to comanage our IT has been such a benefit to us. I was the sole IT person and it became difficult to juggle all the day to day tasks. They made the process so smooth and are a valuable resource knowing they have my back at all times ."

Jake F., IT Manager



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