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IT Support and Management for the Transportation and Logistics industry. 

Technology Roadmap for Stable Operations

Your customers count on you to move their products from point A to point B with fast, consistent service. They also want your lowest prices and require that you conform to their specifications for shipment tracking and documentation. This often means that transportation and logistics companies find themselves constantly reacting to changes, preventing them from planning out a clear path to profitability.

IT Systems: Key to Stability and Profitability

Juggling multiple requirements in an environment that involves a complex combination of people, equipment, and systems can be tricky. It's tempting to think of technology as a necessary evil to keep all the balls in the air. The truth is, your IT systems contain a valuable key to stable operations and profitability helping your company to:

Meet changing customer requirements with agility, while accurately tracking costs

Streamline processes and enable your workforce wherever they're located

Maintain security, comply with regulations, and manage risk

Your Outsourced IT Department

Our proactive approach to IT services gives you a whole IT department working beside you to help you get where you want to go with your business.

We provided our clients with day-to-day support along with IT guidance that helps them make wise decisions about technology investments, usually while decreasing overall IT costs.

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Technology Enablement with Outsourced IT Services

Some of the ways that we help transportation and logistics companies include:

  • Fast response and 24/7 support

  • Build a reliable IT network that can scale

  • Manage mobile devices and satellite offices

  • Enable new technologies such as RFID

  • Leverage cloud applications for cost savings and security

  • Create security policies and procedures to protect data

  • Implement data backup and disaster recovery procedures

  • Plan and budget for future IT initiatives 

  • Unlimited help desk support

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No Shortcut to Reliable Systems

Short term fixes and workarounds with your IT systems might seem like a cost savings on the surface. Reality is that you could be getting a better IT experience and improve business outcomes while controlling your technology costs.

Get On The Road to Better IT Results

The team at comTECH Solutions can help you find stability in an unstable world with better IT results that keep you moving forward.

"Technology plays such a vital role in our companies success and with drivers all over the country it is important that technology works for our drivers. With comTECH Solutions, they have delivered reliable support and help us plan for the future."

John, CEO



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