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IT Support and Management for Local Government Offices & Agencies in the Tampa Bay area. 

Technology-Powered, People-Focused IT For Government Offices

The people you serve have high expectations. They want you to provide the services and leadership needed to make your community a safe, healthy place to live but it's hard to get the budget you need to act on all the initiatives in front of you. What's more, government bodies are the prime target for cyber attacks and you're just not sure if you're as secured as you should be.

Use Technology to Overcome Challenges and Threats

When needs and budget clash, it's time to look for a better way to use technology to empower your staff, stay safe in a dangerous cyber world, and become more people-focused.

Strengthen your cyber defenses to thwart service delivery threats and protect data

Streamline operations and empower your workforce to do more with less

Integrate systems and data to give citizens a consistent experience across departments

Your Outsourced IT Department of Experts

We give city and government agencies the comprehensive IT knowledge and management they need to keep up with changing technology and high citizen expectations.

By building a solid IT infrastructure along with layers of security, our clients can be early adopters of the new technologies that citizens want. At the same time, their workforce can get the essential day-to-day support they need to be productive and efficient. 

Giving a Presentation

Comprehensive IT Services

Some of the ways that we help local governments include:

  • Fast response and 24/7 support

  • Manage mobile devices for security and data visibility 

  • Integrate departmental systems to eliminate duplicate data entry

  • Enable new technologies quickly and within budget

  • Implement comprehensive data backup and recovery procedures 

  • Leverage cloud applications for cost savings and security

  • Implement data backup and disaster recovery procedures

  • Plan and budget for future IT initiatives 

  • Unlimited help desk support

Call Center Employee

The Price of Falling Behind

When there's a clash between expectations and budgets, it's hard to see how you can get ahead but the price of letting IT fall behind can be cyber attack, disgruntled staff and a poor reputation in your community.

Stay Ahead When You Do IT Right

Let comTECH Solutions help you and your organization leverage technology so that you can be confident about how you're meeting your challenges today, and poised to meet your goals for the future.

"We have a high degree of confidence in the reliability of our systems. There's far less worrying and concern now that we have the comTECH team handling all of our IT needs."

Jacob, Manager



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