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Exceed guest expectations. 

Your guests are demanding access to internet so that they can stay connected wherever they go while staying at your property. comTECH can design, install, and support both wired and wireless networks for your facility. Whether you are in need of internet access at a new site or whether you're just looking to improve the performance of your existing network, comTECH can help. We analyze your businesses challenges and implement a solution that is secure, reliable, and affordable. We take into account of future growth and install a system that is expandable allowing you to add devices as you need.

After installation, our experienced team can provide 24/7/365 support for your system and your guests. We take a proactive approach to technology allowing us to monitor and maintain your systems to minimize downtime and increase guest satisfaction. This takes the stress away from your staff and allows them to focus their time on other key business tasks.


Tampa, Florida, 33602

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