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IT Support and Consulting for the Hospitality Industry.


Enhance the guest experience.

Whether you run a small B&B or operate a multi-site hotel chain, we understand the guest experience drives the need for fast, reliable, and secure technology. We support every type of hospitality environment from small boutique hotels, to multi-unit chains with staff members scattered all over the globe. 

Your guests deserve the best, and all it takes is spotty Wi-Fi or a slow network connection to knock points off guest satisfaction surveys. IT is so integral to the success of the hospitality industry and is the exact reason you need a team like comTECH Solutions on your side. 

Use IT as a Competitive Edge

When you change your IT experience, you can change the way that technology affects your bottom line, making a difference to your entire business.

Meet customer requirements for visibility, cost reductions, data storage, and adopting new technologies

Maintain rigid security standards and comply with regulations, while enabling collaboration

Implement operational efficiencies that control costs and provide a competitive advantage

Strategic IT services for Reliability and Agility

The team at comTECH Solutions understands that your decisions about IT could help you be a better hospitality venue for guests.

Our strategic approach to IT support and management helps companies like yours build a reliable IT system that lays the groundwork for the digital initiatives that you face today and in the future.

We help companies create IT strategy to help them budget and plan for the future; respond quickly to guest requirements; close up security vulnerabilities; while assuring that employees have the day-to-day support they need.

Giving a Presentation

Outsource IT Department Services

Some of the ways that we help companies in the hospitality industry

  • 24/7/365 technical support for staff and guests

  • Meet PCI DSS requirements and protect credit card data and other personal information

  • Build out secure guest and admin networks

  • Business continuity solutions

  • VoIP Phone solutions

  • Security camera systems

  • Guest key systems for rooms and amenities

  • Procurement of new hardware, software, and other mission critical IT equipment at discounted rates.

Call Center Employee

The Price of Poor Performance

If you IT systems are causing poor operating performance and creating a poor experience for your customers, you can be sure it's showing up on your guest satisfaction surveys and it will be noticed.

Be a More Competitive Option for Guests

Let the team at comTECH Solutions help you use strategic IT management & support to help you become more competitive in the hospitality industry, so that you can realize more profits and capture more business.

"The biggest benefit that I have with a relationship with comTECH is going home at night and knowing we have a team of professionals behind the scenes. Having that confidence really allows us to focus on what we're good at."

Gary S., President & CEO 



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