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Benefits of network attached storage for your business.

Network attached storage is a popular tool for small businesses and is used as a way of sharing files across the network with multiple computers.

What is a NAS?

A NAS is a file-level computer data server connected to a computer network that allows users to store files as well retrieve data from a centralized location. NAS storage is very flexible because you can add storage as you need it.

Benefits of using a NAS?

- Centralized system for all your offices files.

- Ability to share files across different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

- Easily collaborate with colleagues.

- Ensure you are accessing the most up to date file version.

With a NAS system, data is accessible at anytime, making it easier for employees to serve your customers needs in a timely manner. NAS can solve many business's need and provide a solution that makes sharing data more efficient.

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